Reinvent Retirement.

The Home Equity Leverage Program transforms your home equity into a lifelong income stream.

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Introducing H.E.L.P.

The Home Equity Leverage Program.
It may be the help you need to build a bridge to
a happy and secure retirement.

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If worries about having enough money to meet unexpected expenses or simply enjoy retirement are creating too much stress, there may be a solution.

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You've worked hard

For many people, their home is their largest asset. But equity in a home is difficult to unlock and not usually considered as a way to provide on-going cash for monthly expenses. Now it may be possible.

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Benefits of The Home Equity Leverage Program

H.E.L.P. transforms the equity locked in your home into spendable income by establishing a charitable gift structure with incredible benefits.
Eliminate Mortgage Debt
H.E.L.P. may be able to completely retire your existing home mortgage and the stress that can create.
Receive Monthly Income
H.E.L.P. may be able to transform your home equity into a lifelong monthly income stream for you.
Choose Your Lifestyle
H.E.L.P. may be able to let you stay in your home or rent it and retain the rental income. It's your choice.
Tax Advantages
H.E.L.P. is designed to comply with IRS 501(c)(3) guidelines therein allowing certain tax deductions for the charitable gift.
Charitable Benefits
H.E.L.P. is what you will bring to others as you create a beneficial legacy in your name as a major donor and philanthropist to amazing charities.
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Is H.E.L.P. right for me?

The Home Equity Leverage Program is designed to help in a variety of circumstances.
If you are in or approaching retirement and match with some of these:
  • Married or single

  • Worried about running out of money

  • Want access to your home for life

  • Could use additional income

  • Facing unexpected expenses

  • Find mortgage payments a hardship

  • Have significant home equity

  • Charitably inclined

  • Ready for a happy retirement

This program helped me benefit from all that my late husband and I worked so hard to create.

Discover how you may be able to pay off your mortgage and create monthly income for life thanks to the benefits of the Home Equity Leverage Program.

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Can my family or advisors be involved?

Absolutely! We strongly advise that you invite your trusted "inner circle" to help you analyze if H.E.L.P. is right for you. Your peace of mind and complete understanding of the program are of paramount importance.

Are there forms to fill out?

You and your Realtor® fill out a simple one page form that starts the process. It allows H.E.L.P. experts to get more familiar with you and your needs.

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Can I stay in my home?

Yes. Even after gifting your home it remains fully under your control. Live in it, rent it and make money for yourself or whatever combination you choose.

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