Enhance Your Retirement

Venice Canal by Richard Fox, used with permission (110120)

It is time to put your home equity to work

Over years, you worked hard to create equity in your home. H.E.L.P. transforms that value
into financial benefits and freedoms so you can enjoy the retirement you deserve.

Key Benefit #1

Stay in your home

With H.E.L.P. your home remains under your control.

  • No more worries about what might become of your home.

  • Stay as you wish or lease it and collect rental payments.

  • Your only responsibility is to maintain the home and keep current on insurance and taxes.

Key Benefit #2

Increase monthly income

The liquidity created by unlocking equity opens up a number of financial options.

  • Create an income stream and/or retire debt.

  • Lifelong benefit.

  • Financial freedom.

Key Benefit #3

Create a legacy

Innovative partnership with qualified charitable organizations means you'll create a lasting gift.

  • Tax-deductible donation creates meaningful benefits.

  • All affiliated charities are IRS 501(c)(3) qualified.

  • The impact of your gift will last for many years to come.

Reinvent your retirement with the benefits of the Home Equity Leverage Program

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